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Ken Garcia grew up in San Bernardino, California and was surrounded by diverse musical influences, from Hispanic to Polynesian. By the age of five, Ken’s uncles frequently encouraged him to play his guitar at family gatherings. Recognizing his strong desire to perform and musical potential, his parents eagerly invested in his future by providing him with guitar lessons. Yet, formal lessons could only take Ken’s raw talent so far. He began teaching himself the art of guitar playing with the assistance of books and hands on experience. As his talent and confidence developed, Ken began playing school functions, as well as private concerts for friends and family. Ken often fondly notes with a smile that his most rewarding performances of this era were those for his father, Ramon, and his construction buddies after a hard day's work and a few cold beers.

Around the age of twenty Ken was faced with the difficult decision of pursuing a career in music, or following in his older brother's footsteps and becoming a dentist. Recently married and wanting to start a family, he opted for dentistry. Upon graduation from Loma Linda School of Dentistry, Ken started a successful practice in Fontana, California, close by to where he grew up, which he sold prior to opening his new office, Island Dentistry, in Laguna Beach in the summer of 2002. All the while Ken retained his passion for music, playing lead guitar with various bands in clubs throughout the Inland Empire and Orange County, specifically Laguna Beach, where he has now resided for the last eight years.

Ken differs from other artists in numerous ways. Not only has he maintained an impeccable dental career spanning nearly two decades, as well as compiling an impressive body of work musically, including five CD’s and live performances that legends are made of, Ken has always sustained a solid reputation in whichever community he has called home. Ken's contagious love and zest for life shines through in whatever task he undertakes. Whether he's performing dentistry, playing music, surfing or spending time with Jody, his wife of twenty-nine years, or his children Lea & Tayber, Ken gives no less than 100% of himself, 100% of the time. Ken’s multifaceted lifestyle is easily recognizable in his music, be it a soothing melody to provide a healing touch, a rocking jam to lift the spirit, or a simple strummed lullaby to put his daughter Lea or son Tayber to sleep.

Ken's music is a combination of soulful folk rock with a Latin and Hawaiian flavor. The lyrics, written by Ken, bask in the warm memories of family and friends, often giving thanks to GOD for the opportunity to take part in such an amazing life...a life that he would like to share with the rest of the world through his music.


For professional shows, corporate bookings or general information please us or call Jody at 949-280-7993.
Ken Garcia Band